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Name: Engr. Md. Solaiman

Department: Fabric Engineering

Phone: 01686907490

Email: solaimanbari@gmail.com



2.1.1 Working as a principal at Pabna Textile Engineering College, Pabna

2.1.2 Worked as an Assistant Professor and Head of the department, Textile Engineering College, Noakhali affiliated by Bangladesh University of Textiles under Ministry of Textiles

and Jute, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

2.1.3 Worked as an Assistant Professor and Head of the department at World University of Bangladesh.

2.1.4 Worked as a Production officer at Texeurope Bangladesh Ltd  and  as a Technical Service Executive at American and Efird (BD) Ltd

2.1.5 Worked as a Part time Faculty member at various private universities.



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